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Mastering the Boston University Supplemental Essays 2023-2024

If Boston University is on your dream school list, you're going to need to impress them with more than just your transcript and test scores. A key component of your application will be your response to BU's supplemental essay prompts. Let's take a deep dive into understanding these prompts and crafting outstanding responses.

Boston University Supplemental Essay Prompts

  1. What about being a student at Boston University most excites you? (250 words)

  2. Optional: Please use this space if you have additional information, materials, or writing samples you would like us to consider. (500 words)

Approach to Each Prompt

Why are you interested in Boston University? This prompt asks you to elucidate your motivations for applying to BU. When crafting your response, remember to highlight how your academic and career goals align with the opportunities available at BU. Mention specific programs, faculty, or resources that interest you, and how you plan to engage with them.


The quest for knowledge knows no bounds, and at Boston University, I see an academic environment that not only encourages this quest but also provides ample opportunities for exploration. One aspect that particularly excites me is the interdisciplinary approach at BU, specifically within the Kilachand Honors College.

As a prospective Computer Science major, I’m drawn to the Kilachand Honors College's emphasis on integrating knowledge across different fields. I firmly believe that the most innovative solutions emerge at the intersection of diverse disciplines. This belief is what leads me to BU. The opportunity to explore the relationship between technology and society, perhaps through a project examining the ethical implications of AI, resonates with my aspirations.

Furthermore, I’m excited about the rich and vibrant community life at BU. From participating in coding competitions with the BU Computer Science Club to cheering on the Terriers at the Agganis Arena, I look forward to fully immersing myself in the BU spirit.

Ultimately, what most excites me about being a student at BU is the promise of growth. With its diverse community, abundant resources, and the freedom to traverse academic boundaries, I believe BU will nurture my intellectual curiosity, hone my technical skills, and shape me into a well-rounded individual prepared to tackle real-world challenges.

Optional: Additional information This is your opportunity to discuss anything significant not mentioned elsewhere in your application. It could be a personal anecdote, a challenge you overcame, or a unique project you've worked on. Whatever you choose, ensure it adds a new dimension to your application and tells the admissions committee something new about you.


In my sophomore year, I embarked on a project that fused my love for computer science and social work - developing a mobile application to help my local community's homeless population connect with available resources.

While volunteering at a local food bank, I realized that many homeless individuals had access to smartphones but were unaware of the myriad resources available to them. Leveraging my programming skills, I conceptualized a user-friendly application that would consolidate information on shelters, free meal locations, health clinics, and job opportunities.

Navigating the challenges of developing this application, from ensuring its user-friendliness for a potentially less tech-savvy audience to keeping the information up-to-date, was an enriching learning experience. But the real reward came when a local non-profit agreed to partner with me to maintain and promote the app.

This project has not only honed my programming skills but also taught me valuable lessons in problem-solving, empathy, and the potential of technology as a tool for social good. If accepted to Boston University, I plan to continue exploring these intersections between technology and social impact, potentially through the Societal Engineer program offered at the College of Engineering. I also hope to bring my app to a larger platform, reaching more individuals and hopefully making a tangible difference in their lives.

Top Tips for Your Essays

  1. Do Your Homework: Thoroughly research about BU. Find unique programs, classes, professors, or traditions that genuinely excite you. This shows the admissions team that you're seriously interested in BU.

  2. Be Specific: Don't just say BU is a great school. Provide specific reasons why BU is a great school for you.

  3. Show Impact: If you're writing the optional essay, be sure to illustrate how the experience you're discussing has shaped you as a person.

With these tips, we hope you feel ready to take on Boston University's supplemental essays. We look forward to seeing you on Commonwealth Avenue!