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All of our packages are comprehensive, meaning we help students from start to finish. We work with middle school students, high school, college, and transfer / graduate students. We focus on helping students develop their extracurricular story via our methods in our book The Applicant. Our students get in 2x the average acceptance rates across the top 100 colleges.
We aim to build long-term relationships with our students and parents. We provide personalized, 1-on-1 support for each student and surround them with a team of counselors, editors, and mentors to position them for success. You can see more about our packages below.
We start when the student and parent are ready and guide them until admission with a team-based approach.

9th-11th Grade Packages

Our 9th-11th grade packages focus on summer planning, course work planning, teacher letter of recommendations, and staying on track for college admissions. We meet about once a month, and send parents updates as needed. All meetings are online. 

College Application Packages

Our college application packages focus on college lists, editing/ideation of essays, teacher recommendations and more. We help all students with their overall direction, and packages are priced by individual schools we go through. We meet about once a week, and send parents updates as needed. All meetings are online. 

Transfer/Graduate Packages

Our transfer/graduate school packages focus on helping students applying for medical, dental, MBA, law, or arts school. For transfer students it is focused on helping those transfer between 4 year programs or get into a 4 year program from community college. We meet about once a week, and send parents updates as needed if students desire. All meetings are online. 

Middle School/Parent Packages

Our middle school packages focus on helping parents plan for high school for ambitious 6th - 8th graders. From high school selection, finding summer programs, and helping to determine how best to position children for a successful high school experience. We meet about once a quarter, and parents are required to attend all meetings and are the primary point of contact. All meetings are online. 

Packages Notes and Referrals

  • Siblings can get discounts
  • If you refer a friend, you get 1 free college application added to your application package for each student you refer, and they also get 1 application added to their package.