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Case Studies

Here are some case studies of students we have worked with since 2009
Jim, Caltech (2012)
  • We started working with Jim in 10th grade
  • He had an interest in the sciences, but no experience outside of the classroom
  • We started researching physics at UCLA by reaching out to professors and developing our interest further in math/physics
  • This research became the basis of our application, with a focus on physics and theoretical physics
  • Jim placed 1st and 2nd in the California State Science Fair
  • Jim attended Caltech, and was accepted to MIT, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and USC with a full-ride merit scholarship ($250k)
  • Jim is a PhD student at Caltech and aims to become a physics professor now
Anjali, Columbia (2015)
  • We started working with Anjali in 11th grade
  • She had an interest in energy, but no extracurricular
  • She had a 3.8 unweighted GPA and was unsure where she could get into college
  • We created a college list, found her a summer program with her local city focused on energy initiatives, and she founded a school club in the same focus area
  • This became the basis of our college application, and we applied Early Decision to Columbia 
  • Anjali was accepted to Columbia, graduated, and now works on startups in the climate tech area


Rishi, USC (2018)
  • We started working with Rishi in 12th grade
  • Rishi had a 3.6 unweighted GPA, wanted to stay in California, and had an interest in business
  • We sharpened his focus to entrepreneurship, he created a few web applications, and we applied with a focus on the overlap between tech, music, and business
  • We created a college list, refined his recommender list, and focused on merit scholarships
  • Rishi was accepted to USC, UMichigan, UWashington, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and many others