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Master the Georgia Tech Supplemental Essays for 2023-2024 Admissions

Georgia Institute of Technology, known for its strong emphasis on STEM education and vibrant campus life, offers a host of undergraduate programs to its diverse student body. The admissions team at Georgia Tech is looking for candidates who can best fit into its ethos of progress and service. To make your application stand out, you need to effectively approach the Georgia Tech supplemental essays.

Georgia Tech Supplemental Essay Prompts

Here's a rundown of the 2023-2024 admissions cycle prompts:

Prompt 1: Why do you want to study your chosen major specifically at Georgia Tech? (250-300 words)

Advice: This question requires a two-part approach. Firstly, explain why you are attracted to your chosen major. Discuss personal experiences, interests, or influences that led to this choice. Secondly, connect this to Georgia Tech's offerings. Maybe it's a particular professor's research, an innovative program, or unique resources that Georgia Tech provides. Show that you've done your homework and can articulate how Georgia Tech will support your academic goals.


Ever since I visited my father's construction site as a child, I've been fascinated by the intricate design and planning behind every structure. My fascination grew into a passion for Civil Engineering. At Georgia Tech, I believe I can transform this passion into expertise.

Georgia Tech's School of Civil and Environmental Engineering's collaborative environment and cutting-edge research are what attract me the most. The school's faculty includes renowned experts like Dr. John E. Taylor, whose research on 'Civil Infrastructure Systems' aligns with my interest in urban planning and sustainable infrastructure. The opportunity to learn from and potentially work under such esteemed professionals is what makes Georgia Tech the perfect place for my academic journey.

Prompt 2: Georgia Tech is committed to creating solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Tell us how you have improved or hope to improve the human condition in your community. (250-300 words)

Advice: This question is a great opportunity to highlight your service-oriented experiences or ambitions. Start by explaining the issue you addressed or plan to address. Then, discuss your role, actions, and the impact you made or hope to make. Remember, "community" can be broadly defined, from your school to your city. Demonstrate how you reflect Georgia Tech's mission of "progress and service."


Growing up in a rural town in Georgia, I witnessed the struggles my community faced due to limited access to healthcare services. This experience instilled in me a strong desire to contribute positively to my community's wellbeing.

As a junior, I initiated a project named "Healthy Future," aimed at promoting health awareness and providing basic health check-ups in collaboration with local doctors. We organized monthly workshops and check-ups, reaching out to hundreds of individuals. It was gratifying to see our efforts make a tangible impact – the number of people opting for regular health check-ups significantly increased.

At Georgia Tech, I intend to continue my service to community health. Through the Public Health Club, I aspire to organize similar initiatives, catering to the underserved populations in Atlanta. I believe my experiences align with Georgia Tech's commitment to 'progress and service.'

Optional Short Answer: Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself? (50-150 words)

Advice: Use this space to share something that hasn’t been covered elsewhere in your application. It could be an interesting hobby, a unique family tradition, or a challenge you overcame. Keep it personal and revealing about who you are.


Outside of my academic interests and community service, I am an avid bird watcher. I enjoy the serenity of observing nature and have even started a local Bird Watching Club in my high school to share this passion with others. It's a hobby that instills patience, observation, and appreciation for nature's nuances – values I hope to bring to Georgia Tech's vibrant student community.


To sum up, the key to an effective Georgia Tech supplemental essay lies in showcasing your fit with the university's mission and ethos, demonstrating a clear understanding of your chosen major and how the university supports it, and highlighting your community engagement in line with the university's commitment to improving the human condition.

Now, get started on those drafts!