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Demystifying Georgetown University's Supplemental 2023-2024 Essays

Greetings, future Georgetown Hoyas! The college application season is upon us, and it's time to tackle the challenge of Georgetown University's supplemental essays. With the right strategy, you can make these essays your golden ticket to the Hilltop.

Georgetown's prompts may differ slightly depending on the school you're applying to: Georgetown College, the School of Nursing and Health Studies, the Walsh School of Foreign Service, or the McDonough School of Business.

For Georgetown College, applicants must write an essay about a significant activity, an essay about an issue of importance, and a short essay about a school or major at Georgetown that interests you.

Significant Activity Essay

Describe a significant extracurricular or community activity and explain why it's meaningful to you.

When approaching this prompt, select an activity that illustrates your passions, leadership skills, and the impact you've made.

Example: "As president of my high school's debate club, I've transformed a struggling group into a thriving community of over 50 members. Through debate, I've found my voice, learned to appreciate multiple perspectives, and gained skills I believe are indispensable in today's polarized society."

Issue of Importance Essay

Describe an issue of local, national, or international concern and its importance to you.

This essay tests your critical thinking and global awareness. The issue you choose to discuss is less important than how you discuss it.

Example: "The lack of transparency in AI algorithms is an international concern that resonates deeply with me. As we increasingly entrust decisions to AI, I believe we need to ensure these systems are fair, transparent, and accountable."

Georgetown Interest Essay

You should focus on how the school or major you're applying to aligns with your interests and career goals.

Example: "Georgetown College's interdisciplinary approach to learning is what intrigues me the most. The Cognitive Science major, with its fusion of psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, and linguistics, aligns perfectly with my curiosity about human cognition and ambition to contribute to mental health research."

For applicants to other schools, replace the third prompt with the corresponding question about your chosen course of study at that school.

Remember, Georgetown is looking for committed, thoughtful, and driven students. These essays are your opportunity to illustrate that you are such a student. Good luck, future Hoyas!